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Flight Simulator Club ‘27th Squadron’ is established late 1994 as a private organization for anyone interested in flight simulators.


Almost every computer owner had a flight simulator of some sorts on his or her hard disc. Some of them are so realistic that the enclosed manuals do not provide the necessary information to understand all the basics of flight.
On top of this you need to have a good understanding of computer hard and software.


A few Belgian Air Force members of the 10th Tactical Wing at Kleine-Brogel Airbase recognized this need and wanted to help all those frustrated users and established a club.


Our club revolves around the ‘real’ civilian flight simulators like Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, FSX and eventual successors.
We aim to collect and distribute all possible information concerning PC flight simulators.


The ‘27th Squadron’ has access to a wide variety of books, flight maps, flight information publications of practically every civilian or military airport in the world and collect worldwide freeware sceneries.


We organize, meetings, LAN flights, courses, and more.


Different from a lot of clubs whose members only meet on internet in a virtual airline, 27th Squadron members and equal minded individuals actually meet in a brand new building on a monthly basis.
There they can swap experience, freeware sceneries or perform realistic group flights under semi professional ATC control. All things you can only dream of sitting alone at home.


Creating the means to elevate ‘desk flying’ to the highest possible level of realism.


As far as hardware and know-how are concerned, our organization tries to scrape the bottom of the barrel by endeavoring well configured computers, the best flight controls and consoles of the shelf or even home build realistic cockpits.
We organize VFR and IFR courses conform to those taught in real life. Although the atmosphere is a lot more relaxed during these activities than what you would expect in a classroom, but the level of required knowledge is the same.


To achieve the necessary realism, a bit of theatre and show can be expected


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