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Rules & Regulations

0. General
Every pilot of the 27th Squadron VA must respect all of the rules listed here.
The 27th Squadron has the right to make minor changes to these rules without prior notice.
1. Requirements for the pilot

- The pilot must be in possession of a flight simulator program.

- The pilot must use his / her real identity to join the VA.

- The pilot must be professional and realistic.

- The pilot may not be a board member of another VA.

- The pilot must respect all other VAs.

- The pilot must respect all members and the board of our VA.

- The pilot must use his own WCT callsign

2. Offline / Online

- All flights must be flown online on the IVAO network.

3. Aircraft

- The pilot may choose between the aircraft allowed on the IVAO network.

4. Simulation Speed ‚Äč

- The maximum allowed simulation speed is 1x.

5. End membership

- Pilots who have not submitted a piracy during the last 6 months can be removed from the VA.

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