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The ‘27th Squadron’ is a non-profit organization aiming at promoting desktop flight simulators. We are not a computer club.We only use them to fly with.
Everybody is welcome. Whether you are a complete layman or a long time airline pilot. The only condition is you possess original registered flight simulator software (no copies) and you are willing to bring your own equipment to fly on meetings. Needless to mention that basic knowledge of computers is essential .


Further information during one of our meetings.

Who ?

Everyone more or less frustrated by the complexity of flight.
Everyone fascinated by flight simulators but doesn’t know the first thing about it.
Everyone proficient in flight, flight simulators, computers or networking and willing to share their knowledge.


Admittance to the monthly ‘27th Squadron’ meetings, tips and tricks, briefings about new software, etc...

Participation in ATC controlled flights, ralley’s, etc...

Availability of club software: the latest freeware sceneries, new aircraft, repaints, all kinds of handy software files.

Access to the club library.

Possibility to buy VFR, IFR, Flight planning, radio courses, original flight information publications at very democratic prices.

Earn your silver or gold ‘Wings’ by accomplishing ‘checkflights’. Test your skills during rally’s or flying organized flights.


To show them the odds and inns of our club and to introduce them in the complicated world of virtual flight we assign a mentor to every new member. He will be given a briefing about the organization of the club and about the necessary hard and software.

The mentor also will see to it that his protégée possesses the correct software and documentation. This way any new member will have a flying start to our magnificent but complicated hobby.


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