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Every Sunday meeting we organize flights, except July and August. The flight route or Flightplan of these flights
are posted on this site 1 to 2 weeks prior the event.

All members are notified by e-mail which flight is planned to provide ample time for flight preparation.

The organized flights can be performed alone or with a co-pilot .

During the flights we do introduce all kinds of challenges like different approaches depending on the prevailing wind, low visibility landings, etc. always under the control of ATC using different ATC procedures.

Organized flights are flown in a local network (LAN) using your own UTP cable and club owned servers, switches and routers.

As said before, you will fly under simulated ATC control. Air Traffic Control is performed by 3 to 4 controllers who’s job it is to make sure all flights are performed by the rules.

Communication between pilots and ATC is accomplished through the network and a voice program (Teamspeak) coupled to the flight simulator you fly and the ATC program (IVAC).


What more reality would you want !

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