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On a regular basis we want to get the general public acquainted with our club by performing demonstrations.
Through these demos we advertise the abilities of our club and promote flight simulator programs in general. Membership recruitment is of course one of the goals.

The demos consist of presentations in flight, trying to show the best on the market regarding aircraft, cockpit panels, sceneries, add-on programs and associated hardware like our home build F-16 cockpit.

In the background we provide information about our club concerning meetings, courses and available documentation.


Demos presented by 27th SQN at Euromodelbouw Genk , Belgium :


8 - 9 october 2011 "Pearl Harbour"
Interceptions F16 and B737-800
F-16 solo display
10 - 11 october 2009 All aspects of flightsim
F-16 solo display
6 - 7 october 2007 "Airshow 2007" in Fairford
F-16 solo display
8 - 9 october 2005 "Highlights of Aviation"
F-16 solo display
2003 "100 Years of Flight"
F-16 solo display

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