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The ‘27th Squadron’ has a extensive library of books, flight maps, flight information publications of practically every civilian or military airport in the world.
During our meetings one can buy all kinds of flight publications. The pubs we provide are mainly military in origin. Usually these are not as cluttered as the civilian versions (Jeppesen). 
But we also provide ‘outdated’ Jeppesen charts.
Various aircraft manuals and checklists are available (B727, B737-400, F16, etc..).
On top of this various ‘27th Squadron’ courses are available:

Familiarization brochure

Tells you all you have to know to start in our club and the flight simulator world: How the club is structured, what you can expect and what we expect from you, which PC you need, which software, how to configure your flight simulator. In fact it is a manual that shows you how to fly on the internet and on the 27th squadron LAN. In short, useful information you desperately need if you are a layman.

Basic Flight Course

Principles of flight, knowledge of instruments, engine management and a preview of instrument flight.

IFR Procedures

Extensive IFR manual showing instrument flight in a detailed fashion. How to use flight publications
like flight maps, approach plates, flight information supplements, etc…

Radiocommunication Basics

How to use a radio in aviation.

ICAO and AIP radiotelephony procedures and phraseology
Extra manual how to use the radio with lots of examples.

Flight Planning

A mini course to enable a virtual pilot to create and file a flight plan including all the details.


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