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To enhance the social bond in our organization we plan a yearly trip and try to choose a topic related
to aviation in general.


Some of the trips we went on before :


    • KLM Cargo at Schiphol Amsterdam
    • Eurocontrol Maastricht
    • Dusseldorf Airport including Boeing 737 maintenance
    • Belgian Navy at Zeebrugge
    • Le Bourget Airshow
    • Koksijde Airshow
    • Kleine-Brogel Air Force Base
    • Airport Deurne, airschool AFFA en Stampe&Vertongen museum
    • Museum Historische Vlucht te Gilze-Rijen and a visti toe training P7 on airbase Woensdrecht (25/09/2013)
    • Airbase Beauvechain (2014)
    • Airbase Kleine Brogel (2015)
    • ...


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