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March 18, 1957 two Thunderstreaks of the 27th Squadron collide in mid air somewhere over
Budel, Netherlands. Lt. André Janssens’ FU-65 is heavily damaged and he ejects
immediately. 1Sgt. Almir Latte is convinced his aircraft is only lightly damaged and flies back to Kleine-Brogel.
Making his approach he finds out his landing gear will not extend so he decides for a belly landing.
After a successful emergency landing it turns out the FU-83/RA-K has flown back home
exemplary although the whole nose section up to the cockpit has been torn of during the


1Sgt. Guido Elsermans performs a successful emergency landing in the dunes of Hechtel after
the engine of his FU-131/8S-H flames out shortly after takeoff from runway 24.


October 18,1958 during a gunnery training period at Cazaux, France, Adjt. Felix Verhoeven’s
FU-77/Z6-M catches fire during engine startup. The aircraft is completely destroyed, the pilot
escapes without injury.


October 12, 1959, a technician wants to check a newly installed booster pump. The electric
lamp he uses sparks and ignites fuel vapors. The ensuing explosion causes the hangar 1 roof
to collapse. Two Thunderstreaks (FU-82 and FU-142) are damaged while a third one (FU-99)
is completely destroyed.
Note on the right the crates, ready to be moved to Sylt for an gunnery exercise.


April 29, 1959, 1Sgt. Piet Dauchot slides of the runway after landing at Kleine-Brogel.
His Thunderstreak FU-147/8S-Q was damaged beyond repair.


Januari 27, 1961, Capt.Paul Kuyl is forced to land prematurely due to a flame-out. During
the forced landing in a wooded area at Opgrimbie the pilot sustains serious injuries.
The aircraft is totally destroyed.



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