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Support personnel of the 27th Squadron line at work during startup of
the FZ-46/RA-F by Louis Reeckmans.


Maintenance in open air on the Allison J-35 engine of the FZ-58/RA-D in front of the
maintenance hangar of the 27th Squadron.


Distributed by the 15th Transport Wing the Airspeed Oxford provides a liaison aircraft to the
squadrons. Especially during the first half of the fifties they are a valuable commodity
for the nomadic squadrons. Here the O-38 on the 27th Squadron line during the
winter of ’53-’54. Note the registration RDW on the F-84G on the far side. These are the
initials of Lt.Col. Roger De Wever, the Wing Commander at the time.
The last Oxford leaves the Wing early 1960.


June 13,1955 an Oxford O-33 of the 2nd Wing at Florennes performed
a belly landing at Kleine-Brogel.
In the background the Thunderjet FZ-45/RA-E.


As of March 1955, the Wing has to return a number of F-84G’s
to the United States. They are replaced by the less powerful F-84E’s from the
2nd Wing pending the arrival of the F-84F Thunderstreak.
July 1956, the last Thunderjets leave Kleine-Brogel.


Returning the loaned Thunderjets to the US Air Force happens within the framework of
Operation Swapshop. After a thorough inspection at SABCA they are transferred to
another nation or placed in a depot of the US Air Force.
Here the FZ-45/RA-E on its way to SABCA prior to being stored at the USAF depot
at Chateauroux, France April 17, 1957.



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